We are a non-denominational movement guided only by the essentials of Christian faith.

We are a team of individuals who had our fair share of hardships and have now found a new kind of inspiration allowing us to be the best instruments to help others. We seek to cultivate a culture founded on purpose through different avenues such as music, arts, and meaningful conversations. Here at FOUND, we encourage inclusivity, inspire action, and engage in purposeful discussions.


A purpose beyond the daily grind.

Much of today’s teaching and philosophy say that we can find our purpose in ourselves: we define our own lives, our own reality, our own truth – that we create our own purpose and that we are responsible to piece our lives together.

But Jesus says something utterly different. He said: I am the way, the truth and the life. Through this statement, Jesus tells us to pursue a different kind of purpose – the kind that is more eternal and long-lasting.