The experience of watching your favorite artists perform right in front of you is what makes music festivals popular around the world. In the Philippines, music festivals cover nearly every genre ranging from EDM, rock, pop, alternative indie, and are patronized by its core market: The Filipino youth. 

But a largely evangelical industry, producing various Christian music festivals, has also created its own parallel world. A place where popular art and culture are filtered through a particular lens and infused with messages of faith, these gatherings also have the ability to conjure up stereotypes and misconceptions that extend to some artists who, in one way or another, had dipped their ties in the secular pop world.

Just this year, FOUND held its first festival last February 09, 2019 at Circuit Makati Concert Grounds. Headlined by pop duo For King & Country, the first ever FOUND Music Festival was well-attended by families, music and art enthusiast, young organization leaders, and students from different universities across the metro. Fans and new listeners alike stormed in the concert grounds making the first FOUND Music Festival a success with a whopping 3,000 attendees.

In essence, FOUND aims to be known as a non-denominational and highly experiential movement that seeks to inspire, engage, and motivate. While the festival’s immediate audience includes members of Christian organizations, it also serves as a platform for secular entities to appreciate music and art. 

In an interview made by Paper with John Copper, singer of the Memphis-based Skillet, a clear distinction between Christian and secular music festivals was identified. “Christian music fans are awesome because they are extremely loyal. It’s not like pop music; if they believe in you, they’re going to be with you for a very long time,” he says.

Fun and prayer aside, there’s no getting around in the metaphoric elephant in the middle of this Christian pop fair. There’s something about the ethos of music festivals—sharing an experience, staying true to yourself—that is oddly simpatico with Christian culture.

For its second year, FOUND puts the spotlight on “discovering one’s purpose” all while enjoying good company and good music.

Stay tuned for more details!